Basketball Training Equipment

Basketball is a sport that does not require much equipment, you just need a ball, a hoop and a playing court which you can find in your backyard or gym. However, if you are seriously training for a varsity team or planning to pursue a career in basketball, then there are important training equipments which may help you improve your performance.

Letís start with what the player needs.

Basketball jerseys and shorts

When playing and training make sure to wear the right size. Wearing ill-fitting sizes could cause you problems when moving around. Basketball shorts should not be far below the knees so that the player could easily run or move around the court. Jerseys are sleeveless to allow swift and free movement of the arms. The clothes should be made out of breathable material.

Safety pads

Wear elbow and knee pads to avoid possible knee and elbow injuries. These pads provide enough padding to cushion the blow or impact that may cause broken joints or if you are playing in rough surfaces, scratches and serious wounds. For ankle support, you could use an ankle brace or support which can be worn regardless of any type of shoes.

A head band could also offer protection, especially from sweat dripping from your head. The sweat may get into your eyes and affect your vision when trying to shoot the ball. Wrist bands also serve the same purpose, to dry up excess sweat.

Mouth guard

Mouth guards would protect your teeth. Although basketball is not that physical, there are times when contact could happen and hit your mouth. Not all players prefer wearing mouth guards, since it could be uncomfortable.

Basketball shoes and socks

When playing basketball, make sure that you will be using the right basketball shoes. Using the right basketball shoes would ensure that your ankle will be safe from any sprain or possible injury. Playing with incorrect footwear would increase possible risk of injury. Correct shoe size is also important, the last thing you need is to finding your basketball shoes too tight. Tight shoes can cut proper blood circulation. It is important to always wear socks, since it would prevent the foot from slipping inside the shoe. There are also socks which reduces foot or shoe odour.

Coaches and trainers should be able to provide different equipment like basketballs, hoops, and strength training equipments. Basketball is not basketball without its trademark balls. There are three kinds of basketballs, those made of leather, synthetic and rubber. Leather made basketballs are best for indoor games, synthetic basketballs for outdoor games and rubber for children.

Of course, the basketball hoop is important and there are different kinds of backboards to choose from. Some basketball trainers would include weight lifting exercises in their training, like bench press, shoulder press, leg extensions and press downs. Aside from trainings, basketball players must also build their bodyís strength through different exercises.

There are a lot of sources for basketball training equipment. There are sports shops where they sell basketball gear and equipment. The internet is also a great source of affordable but still efficient training machines.

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