Getting Your Kids Into Basketball

Obesity and over-weight cases among children in the United States have increased. According so several studies, nearly 50% of children in the United States will be obese. Aside from proper diet, exercise and involving children in physical activity could help battle obesity. Basketball is a great way of involving children into sports and helping them develop their social skills.

Basketball, as an indoor sport, could be played all the year round in school or local gym. All you need is just a ball, a hoop and a court. Parents understand that it is important to incorporate physical activity into their children’s daily schedule. However, not all parents are aware that involving their children in team sports could also help them learn important social lessons like teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership.

Basketball is one of the most popular team sports which could help your child have new friends while burning their energy. Basketball can build endurance, especially, if three to four time a week. Since basketball is a full body workout itself, it would develop different muscle groups in the body.

Basketball could also help children develop hand and feet coordinate and could improve balance. Shooting the ball inside the ring would fully utilize your child’s arms, hands, legs, and feet movement while visualizing or surveying their environment. This is a great reason why basketball could be played by children, it could develop overall coordination. Energy and stamina would increase through playing basketball. The sport would include walking, running, and jumping, which would use all muscles in your child’s upper and lower body.

As a physical sport, sprains and other sport related injuries could happen. Proper training could help in reducing the risks of injuring calves, knees, and pulling your hamstring. Make sure that your children would be getting warm-up and stretching exercises before playing basketball.

Basketball is not only good for your child’s physical health, it could also benefit you child’s mental game. Your child will learn how to be a team-player, think of strategies and execute plays while under pressure. Basketball players also develop higher concentration and focus even if there are different kinds of distractions around.

There are also studies conducted by the Women’s Sports Foundation that adolescents who are regularly involved in team sports are less likely to use drugs, be in abusive relationships and have higher chances of finishing high school and continuing to college. They develop self-confidence, making them physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

Involving your kid in a sport like basketball would help your child in becoming a well-rounded person. It is important for parents to reinforce whatever positive attitude their children learned from the sport. Basketball is quite popular, that if your child would be able to excel in the sport, he or she may even have a chance of getting sports scholarship and great career opportunities.

By involving your child in basketball or other team sport, you would be able to provide a venue for your child to develop physically and socially. The values that your child would learn from playing the sport may sound so simple, but these values would eventually help them as they grow older.

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