Living The Dream Of Joining Women’s Basketball League

You are a fan of basketball, and you have high hopes to enter the professional league someday even though you are a woman. This is very likely because there are many associations that can be found all over the globe, which assemble leagues that are dedicated to teams that are composed of females. The game is fun to watch, but if you really are a fan of the sport, you will also find it exciting and thrilling. This is especially true to those who aim to get into this kind of team sport. There are two teams that battle it out in a game. These teams try to score by throwing the ball and shooting it on the hoop. The standard size of the rim of this hoop is 18 inches in diameter and 10 feet high.

The team will get two points when the score is done inside the half circle. Three points is given if the shot is done at the back circle, which is harder, thus the higher score. The team that scored the highest when the buzz signals the end of the game would win. In cases of tie, overtime is going to be implemented until the score is unequal and the team with higher points would claim the win.

If you really want to excel on this game, you have to master the rules as well as the strategies to get better shots and to improve on your defense and offense. If you are still young, you may want to try joining summer camps with good coaches that handle people your age to give you the basics of what you need to learn about this sport. You can also learn a lot from watching the games live or even on TV. You will get pointers on what to do in various situations that may occur while the game is on.

Women’s League

It was in 1892 when Senda Berenson modified the set rules of the game to suit the capabilities of women. Berenson worked at the Smith College as a physical education teacher. A year before that, the original game was developed by Dr. James Naismith of the International Young Men's Christian Association Training School. Berenson went out to Smith to learn more about this kind of team sport because she was very fascinated by it and she had high hopes about the values that it could impart on her students. On March 21, 1983, Berenson staged the very first collegiate game of this sport. In 1899, she was able to publish the rules that she modified. After two years, Berenson was hired as the editor of A.G. Spalding’s first Women's Basketball Guide.

Live Your Dreams

Basketball may appear risky for many women because this requires lots of physical strength. This is also the major attraction why more and more women are getting hooked on this game. This will require you to take action and become responsible to help the team win. You also need to learn how to strategize in order to make better but quick decisions while the game is on. If you are up for these challenges, then you might as well try your hands on the game. This can help you become a better sports person while keeping you fit and active.

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