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Its hard to imagine anyone not being able to at least once hear the term kickboxing. Although its very popular now, it can also be easy to understand that many don’t really have the slightest idea what its really about. OK, we get the general idea, kickboxing is a form of martial art. But what about cardio kickboxing? Why is it also becoming a byword these days? Let us understand more about these new craze that is sweeping the nation.

So basically, what is cardio kickboxing? Also known as fitness kickboxing or aerobic kickboxing, this form martial art is now used for working out or exercise. Kickboxing allows us to get an intense workout which involves almost all parts of our body. What happens in cardio kickboxing is that you get the same vigorous training that fighters get when preparing for a match but is not solely concentrated on fighting. You get a well balanced program that will involve all of your body and build up your strength and muscles and at the same time allow you to develop stamina like no other. Unlike regular kickboxing, there is no full contact, it is entirely safe and pain free and you develop the body and fitness of a well trained athlete.

Like aerobics and other cardio workout, cardio kickboxing is immensely fun as you don’t get the same intensity that kickboxing practitioners usually get. You will also be immersed in a fun environment utilizing the latest upbeat music you can enjoy while working out. Also, you won’t easily get bored as it is fast paced and largely based on your cardio workout rather than your technique.

Also, cardio kickboxing’s boost in popularity can be based on the many benefits it provides. The main benefit that a person would get, like any other cardio workout, but more so, is a full body workout that indeed affects the major muscle areas of our body, you also get to improve your physical fitness especially where it counts. Also, you would be able to develop your agility, endurance and stamina, balance and coordination. Cardio kickboxing requires a person to do power punches, and these allows us to enhance our upper body strength, doing so will also lead to a better looking body as this will enhance the muscle definitions of our shoulder, neck, chest and arms.

The strong kicking motions will toughen up our legs and kneeing motions will help our abdominals. As a matter of fact, the different upper and lower body movements will help your torso develop strong muscles and tighten it, this as we all know is the hardest part of our body to develop.

And as the name implies, cardio kickboxing also does wonders for our cardiovascular system. With all the kicking, boxing, weaving and bobbing and also the jumping, you will truly make your heart beat fast and get the workout it needs. Plus, you will see that you will immediately be drenched in your own sweat pouring out all the unwanted fats in your body.

Anyone can benefits from cardio kickboxing, in fact, there should already be a class near you. Take the time out to discover this wonderful new workout craze and see yourself getting healthier and better looking.

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