Kickboxing Is Not Just For Men, Go Ladies!

Kickboxing has evolved so much through the years and has already reached new heights in terms of popularity, and so has women empowerment. Gone are the days when women are thought of as the weaker sex. In fact, many women nowadays take kickboxing classes to learn how to defend themselves and to be independent. Plus, kickboxing is a fun way to keep oneís body fit and gets away from the boring monotony of running and lifting weights.

Kickboxing doesnít only provide lots of fun and movements, sometimes, even choreographed to the latest hits, it also almost instantaneously hones the reflexes of a woman, much more so as compared to other forms of exercises. And because it requires constant movements and high impact motions, it becomes a very energetic form of workout all throughout. Person to person engagements are not just for testing skills or for more training, they mostly become a great way to motivate a lady ofr their personal success in their bout against flab and fats. Donít worry though, kickboxing gurus always make sure that the bouts are safe and you have your protective gear on, in fact, they up the safety ante when it is women that are involved.

As a form of workout, kickboxing may seem like your just doing a combination of most cardio exercise programs, because kickboxing involves running, jumping, stretching, and lifting weights. But, kickboxing also incorporates high impact kicks and punches while also doing the activity continuously. This means that you will be forced to finish the whole workout unlike the rudimentary ones we all know. This also incorporates discipline in our daily exercise regimen. You also tend to exercise most aspects of your body unlike the traditional cardio workouts which tend to direct a single area only at a time.

And with our day and age, where chivalry has long been thought to be dead, itís now a definite must for any woman to learn how to defend themselves. While the benefits that kickboxing can provide canít be stressed enough, the point that you get to learn how to protect yourself from any danger is a wonderful plus. A lady can also develop great self confidence knowing that she can handle herself. While itís still advisable to stay away from trouble, or situations where it may happen, knowing that you can defend yourself would be a great help. Experts say that a lady who has trained in kickboxing develops extra stamina when in dire straits and possess better reflexes raising their chances of survival.

Even women in their advanced age can benefit greatly with kickboxing. It is long known by medical science that women who are in the menopausal stage encounter problems with their bones because of the loss of calcium in their body. So you not only get the chance to make your body look good when toning your muscles with exercises, but you also strengthen your muscles, keeping them from getting brittle which normally happens in the mature age in women.

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