Learn The Different Kickboxing Combos For A Better Cardio Workout

In the movies, you can easily appreciate the fighting moves that action heroes do. Although we already know that they are sequenced, they are not as easy as it sounds. Sequence fighting needs lots of practice and coordination, and itís true that a street fighter would be no match to a person who has trained in a martial art extensively because the latter knows different combinations that can be used to quickly out maneuver his opponent, just like kickboxing.

Although you will literally spend hundreds or thousands of hours practicing the different sequences of combos, this will be very practical in situations where you have to protect and defend yourself. With the rising crime rate in our country, it would be a confidence booster knowing that you can handle yourself. Unlike action heroes, where only one blow is needed to take an attacker out, real life would require you to be able to quickly throw a series of moves to finish an attack. Why a series, well, the number speaks for itself, if your first blow is warded off, you have a second and third, or even a fourth in rapid succession, ready to take the bad guy out.

This is not easily learned though, you canít just let out a barrage of blows without knowing when to do them and which combination to use. It would be useless and just a waste of your effort and energy. You will be needing countless hours of practice to work on this and to train your reflexes to instantly comprehend the situation and work out which combination should be applied. Repetitive practice of the combos will allow you to make it an automatic reflex shortening greatly the response time to a given situation. Cardio kickboxing can help you make this an automatic reflex and at the same time develop your stamina, energy, coordination, and discipline.

These combinations also rely on your bodyís momentum as each swivel of force from your motion. Each strike is based on your previous movement allowing maximum high impact force to be applied, meaning, as your previous strike ends or hits, your already winding up for your next using your momentum.

Some basic kickboxing attack combinations include an effective jab, then cross, and jab strike. Most kickboxing classes would start with this combination. For a fourth motion, you can add a strike or blow from knee as a finisher.

You can then confuse your opponent using another variation starting with a jab, cross, then a hook, then duck. You can alternate from three strike sequences to four to vary your movements, confusing your attacker. Some more combinations include a jab, cross, hook, then uppercut, or a jab, uppercut, hook, then a cross.

You may even double up the count in the middle or end of the sequence to make it faster. There numerous combinations that can be used, but all of them would usually depend on the situation where it should be applied. To master them though, you need to devote much of your time and effort for practice, practice, and more practice.

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