Preparing For A Kickboxing Tournament

The true date where kickboxing originated would be hard to determine, like any martial art, it developed from different mediums and came to be what it is known today because of the many developments it has encountered through the years. In fact, experts agree that it may have evolved for two thousand years.

While kickboxing can be dated a couple of millennia ago, it has only been recently that kickboxing tournaments have become prevalent. Official kickboxing tournaments though have been plagued with an ugly past. Kickboxing practitioners who felt that they were being held back by the restrictions of full contact staged their own underground tournaments which led to ugly results. Injuries were common and there was no denying the rare yet occurring life threatening damages. Luckily, governing bodies quickly got wind and sanctioned protective padding allowing for a full contact sport, without the necessary risks.

When the dangers were highly decreased, more and more people had the desire to join the competitions to test the skills and guts. Bravery, that is indeed a required component, not because of having the courage to face injuries, but learning to conquer their fears amidst their adversary. Some people take kickboxing lessons and join competitions because they want to face their greatest fears and beat them.

But kickboxing is more than just beating your opponent, this is just a mindset for competitions and tournaments, in real life, experts and masters teach kickboxing as a means of self defense, and not for offensive purposes. If that is your reason for learning kickboxing, then donít do it. Kickboxing is also a very popular form of exercise program today. To some though, kickboxing is their sport and to a certain degree, their way of life. Thatís why many of these aficionados join kickboxing tournaments to test their skills.

But no matter how skilled a person is in kickboxing, it wonít matter if he or she is not able to train properly for the tournament. Unlike team sports, kickboxing relies solely on the preparation of a single person to emerge victorious. Plus, the training level should be high as unlike boxing, kickboxing requires all physical aspects to be fit and ready as it involves strikes and motions from the feet.

Not only should a competitor be able to provide powerful strikes, he or she should also be agile enough to move smoothly to find its moment to strike. This would then include the conditioning of the mind. A kickboxer should be able to focus clearly and anticipate strikes from his or her opponents and use their own motion to their advantage.

This means that a potential competitor should then develop strength, agility, flexibility, endurance, stamina, and to clear their minds. This can be achieved through running, skipping, jumping, lifting weights, stretching and developing their techniques.

Another aspect that should be closely monitored is the diet. In preparing for a kickboxing tournament, a participant should cut fat intake, and get high protein and carbohydrates in their body for energy. Getting a good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables is necessary and donít forget to have as much liquids as you can.

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