The Misconceptions In Kickboxing

This full contact sport has already made a big name for itself. It can be seen almost anywhere and even if you donít realize it, its just near you, you can see it on TV, on movies, on classes in your area, and virtually everywhere. Many of those that come from tinsel town though are full of misconceptions that its easy to get misled as to what kickboxing is and what its about. To many pacifists, kickboxing may seem a terrible idea, Because itís a full contact sport, it may seem very vicious and violent, but if you look at this sport from the eyes of a trained student or practitioner, you will learn that it is an entirely different thing.

With different set of eyes, its easy to gather misconceptions and build a solid foundation around this baseless fallacies. For one, people think that kickboxing is very difficult to master and would be applicable only to those who are athletic and flexible. On the contrary, kickboxing is very easy to earn and master, even to those who have shunned sports all their life. It is while you are training that you will be able to develop your athleticism, agility, flexibility and reflexes. But it all depends on your dedication to learning the sport. Even for a recreational student, kickboxing can be very beneficial as it is a good form of exercise. What makes kickboxing easy to learn is that it is based on our normal movements. It utilizes what is only practically what most people can do and none of those complicated martial arts movements. The only difficulty would be trying to become a professional, not all people can be kickboxing professionals.

Another misconception surrounding kickboxing is that it is extremely dangerous. While it is true that it is a full contact sport, kickboxing is no more dangerous than other contact sports such as basketball, even less than football. And while it is true that there have been some reported deaths in professional kickboxing, this happens too with other sports like professional boxing, race car driving and the like. And because of its growing popularity, many sanction boards have been put up to ensure that safety guidelines are drawn up and followed.

One misconception that has been deeply mistaken is that kickboxing was reportedly banned in most states in the US. There is no single shred of truth in this. If ever, there is a situation in New York where kickboxing id not allowed by law, but there is a difference, UFC plainly refuses to promote in places where an athletic commission that could sanction games does not exist. Totally different from a ban.

Some people also believe that kickboxing promotes violence, wrong. As a matter of fact, like most martial arts, kickboxing promotes discipline and should only be used for self defense. Even our police and military, designated as peacekeepers, have been training in kickboxing.

The argument can be long and hard, but basing on its rising popularity, you can see that kickboxing is now being favored by many.

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