What Kickboxing Can Do For You And How To Do It

Kickboxing as many practitioners know is a competitive sport that is intuitive and has numerous variations. It is solely based on manís natural movements and doesnít rely on a strict technique. Aside from being a full contact sport of controlled punches and kicks, it is also popular today as a full body exercise program. Experts say that kickboxing is loosely based on Muay Thai but have stricter standards for illegitimate blows. Today, kickboxing schools have sprouted almost anywhere but predominantly is based on the Japanese and American methods. Whatever the case may be, kickboxing is becoming extremely popular because it benefits not only our bodies, and safety, but also our minds.

Contrary to popular belief, kickboxing, and most form of martial arts, is a training program that is designed for self defense purposes. Many experts have already shown much acclamation to these and is much more reliable and less likely to cause any problems than wielding a deadly weapon, say a gun or knife. Besides, deadly weapons can be disarmed and used against you, in kickboxing, your weapon is your body, and itís highly unlikely that an attacker can take that away from you. Kickboxing doesnít really rely on providing deadly blows to take down your assailant, but it is about deflecting blows safely and disarming your attacker. Because you donít inflict permanent damage, it is very safe and does not require a person to have the killer instinct.

Plus, you donít only get the peace of mind knowing you are safe and can handle yourself in sticky situations, which we donít rally wish to happen to anyone, but at the same time you are also developing your body and cardiovascular system to become healthier and fit. Now who wouldnít want to have a great looking body. Also, you are able to develop your mind and attitude as kickboxing greatly develops the mindset of a person, it helps you discipline yourself. Know think about it, youíre learning how to protect yourself and your also gaining a better looking body, plus, youíre getting healthier too. Your getting three benefits from just one workout regimen.

You are also making yourself stronger, build better endurance and stamina, and just basically becoming a well rounded person. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

For those who are self conscious, one way to get started with learning kickboxing is to buy a or rent a DVD. Many famed instructors today have already come out with their videos to help those that are not yet ready to be in a class. With a kickboxing DVD or video, you will be able to learn kickboxing in your own pace and time and not be self conscious about it. But, the downside here is that you wonít be able to point out your mistakes. There are also books available and this is the cheaper option as you can just borrow it. But, its not really the same as you wont get the proper attention.

The most effective would still be enrolling in a class. This is more expensive but you would be getting the most out of your time and effort. Still, it all depends on you. You should choose a medium which you are comfortable with.

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