Pool Fences And Other Measures For A Safe Swimming Pool

By far, the biggest risk associated with swimming pools is drowning. It is for this very reason why most pool owners enclose their pools with fences. As a matter of fact, some countries have pool fence laws primarily to protect children and pets from falling into the pool.

In Australia, for example, the law requires pool owners to install a 4-foot (1.2-meter) high fence around their pool and secure this with a self-latching gate. The best kind of pool fence is the chain-link type, which allows one to see through to the pool.

There are different types of pool fences, and they are determined by the kind of materials used on them. As examples, there are the wooden types, tubular steel types, glass types, and aluminum tube types. A pool fence may also be distinguished by other means, such as when we refer to the baby guard type or the removable mesh type.

The removable mesh swimming pool safety fence is actually the only type of fence that is exclusively used around the pool. The other types were originally meant for other uses until they were considered good alternatives to the removable mesh type. Pool owners should not be confused by these terms when they hear them: mesh fence, child fence, pool fencing, pool barrier, safety fence, or simply swimming pool fence; they all refer to the same removable mesh type of pool safety fence.

A typical removable fence has a series of sections, with lengths ranging from 6 to 15 feet (1.8 to 4.6 meters). A childproof latch links the sections at the top. Each section, in turn, is made up of several poles, which are arranged at intervals. The poles are set on aluminum (sometimes plastic) inserts that are core-drilled into the deck of the pool and a weblike material (mesh) that extends across the poles.

A firmly built pool fence is one that has been subjected to extreme tensioning during manufacture. On installation, it must be tightened to the appropriate degree.

The type of pool fence a pool owner chooses should depend on his budget and specific needs. Here, he can choose from among several colors available. Also, he can select the kind of material used for the support poles (usually they are made of fiberglass or aluminum).

Apart from pool fences, there are other measures pool owners can take to prevent accidents from occurring in or around the pool. Foremost, where a child is concerned, is never to leave him/her out of your sight or unattended, even in a baby pool. Toys, which lure children, should be kept away from the pool area, especially when no adult is there.

No one should ever be allowed to dive into the shallow end of the pool. Always make sure that the diving board is perfectly anchored. In relation to these, ensure that rescue devices are kept near the pool.

Another safety measure pool owners must observe relates to prevention of another kind of accident that can occur around the swimming pool - poisoning. Make sure that all chemicals used to keep the pool clean are locked up.

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