ATP Tennis 101

Personality, passion, power. These are ATP’s mission statement. The fact of the matter is that ATP is the world’s foremost body that governs the men’s tennis professional circuit.

Believe it or not, ATP Tennis organizes more than sixty tournaments in thirty countries for this current year.

ATP Tennis showcases the finest and best athletes that compete in the most enthralling venues all over the world, from Europe to Australia, to Asia and America.

Another fact about ATP Tennis is that its website set a new record in traffic when just this October, more than five hundred thousand unique visitors went to their site specifically during the Madrilena Mutua Madrid Masters.

Also, the ATP Tennis site was able to attract almost two million users as tennis fans were able to register almost ten million impression pages.

These numbers basically represent a thirty seven percent to forty percent increase in users compared to last year’s number.

The Spanish language site of ATP Tennis was also able to record a significant increase for this year, with the impressions increasing up to fifty percent.

Another news on the ATP Tennis in Europe is that they have a new CEO as personified by former UK executive in sports, Andy Anson.

Anson has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Oxford and was able to receive his Masters degree in Business Administration in France, Fontainebleau. He will be assuming the ATP Tennis position come April and will replace outgoing Horst Klosterkemper as CEO – who oversaw the ATP Tennis in the European region back in 2004.
Another ATP Tennis activity is their fund raising efforts with the assistance of the UNICEF during the Masters Tennis Cup in China, Shanghai.

Facts about ATP tennis, anyone?

The sponsor of the said China tournament includes Mercedes-Benz, Lacoste, South Africa Airways, RADO.

The doubles and singles tennis players were able to raise more than a hundred thirty thousand RMB for the United Nations Children’s Fund.

For the very first robin round, a match was made between circuit leaders Andy Roddick and Ivan Ljubicic, which had thirty five aces.

The ATP Tennis auction for charity was held at the Stadium of Qi Zhong and also featured banners and t-shirts autographed by various ATP Tennis stars.

Roger Federer’s shirt fetched the highest bid that amounts to twenty eight thousand RMB. A close second were two bobby Mercedes-Benz cars autographed by all ATP Tennis players that are in the eight man elite team field, the total of which fetched to twenty five thousand RMB.

Additional funds were also raised thanks to the exclusive sales on site of the Beanie Baby Feder-bear. It made its debut public at the booth of the UNICEF in the stadium.

Believe it or not, more than two thousand Feder bears were purchased during the Masters Tennis Cup, all of which total to a contribution of seventy five thousand RMB to the UNICEF.

The fact of the matter is that Feder bear is the official Beanie Ty Baby that is exclusively produced for the ATP Tennis.

All proceeds from the Feder bear Beanie Baby sale – which costs eight dollars each – will automatically go to the UNICEF program.

For those interested for the same Feder bear, this item will be distributed this coming season of the holidays worldwide.

All in all, where would the tennis fans be without ATP?

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