ITF Governing The World Of Tennis


International Tennis Federation is the presiding body of all global tennis organization. It consists of 202 national tennis associations. Twelve national associations established the International Lawn Tennis Federation (ILTF) in Paris, France on 1 March 1913. In 1924 it turn out to be the officially accredited organization with authority to be in-charge of lawn tennis all over the world. In 1977 it removed 'lawn' from its name, as it recognized that majority of tennis games are not played on grass courts.

The ITF's commitment is to extend the span and strength of tennis sports. An wide-ranging expansion programme make sure that numerous people must have the chance to engage and try playing tennis worldwide. Affiliate countries include nations from the different continents like for example Australia, Brazil, China, France and Mali.

Top sports competitions like the Olympic Tennis Tournament and the Grand Slam Matches – Wimbledon, Australian Open, US Open, and the Roland Garros, are among the professional events that ITF engaged itself with. The ITF Futures Circuit and Men’s and Women’s Satellite are additional tennis sporting events they organized. Lots of ITF matches and group competitions for the amateurs, experts and disabled tennis players are also being organized.

Men's team tournament such as, BNP Paribas’ Davis Cup, and Fed Cup
for women, are some of the competitions organized by ITF. In these matches the tennis players are given the chance in representing their country. The yearly Australian tournament, Hyundai Hopman Play-Offs, owns by ITF, in addition offers competing players the chance to enjoy varied team tennis when the season starts. ITF also certified Nations Senior Event in 1999. It is the first senior play-offs among nations that bring together a great number of retired prominent
professional tennis players from ATP and Davis Matches. Tennis Masters Event as well as Grand Slams and ATP are also being co-hosted and co-owned by ITF,

International tennis number (ITN)

The International Tennis Number stands for the general category of a
player's performance. It is aspired for that all tennis players worldwide
would have an ITN in the near future.

Under this scheme tennis athletes will be given performance ratings
from ITN 1 - ITN 10 range. ITN 1 corresponds to high-level player (holding
an ATP / WTA standing or of a comparable playing standard). The ITN 10
is a player who is capable of serving and returning an ordinary ITF
ball in a full court.

ITF uses the Description of Standards and On Court Assessment to rate
the players if there are no available results from competition.

The 'ITN Description of Standards' gives an idea about the ten ranking

ITF Coaches Commission and ITF International Tennis Rating Taskforce
approved the guide, which will facilitate the accurate ratings of the
players. The Description of Standards is made detailed and clear as
possible. The Taskforce keep it uncomplicated and not too much technical.
The purpose is for the player and the evaluator easy understanding.

The ITN Description of Standards has stay away from evaluating players
solely on the technical consideration on a person shots. It has used
the following for basis:

• general distinctiveness of a variety of playing levels

• five-matches / tactical strategies of tennis ( serving and returning
at baseline, approaching, passing)

• game-technique of player.

International Tennis federation, being the central figure in the tennis
world is considered as the unifying force that aims to strengthen the
game and be appreciated by people in all countries of the world. The
interests of the professionals, the retirees, and the amateur players are
given priorities by this international governing body.

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