Most Popular Male And Female Tennis Players

Famous Male Tennis Players

Roger Federer. This 25 year old Swiss tennis professional currently ranks No. 1 in the world. He is a very promising talent and has proven many great achievements since he started playing tennis. In 2004, he won three Grand Slam singles tournaments. By 2006, he has already won at least ten singles championships for three consecutive years. He has won three Tennis Masters Cup, 12 ATP Masters Series, nine Grand Slam singles titles, and won for three consecutive years the Wimbledon and U.S. Open singles titles.

Andy Roddick. He is an American tennis player born on August 30, 1982 in Omaha, Nebraska whose full name is Andrew Stephen Roddick. In 2005, he was ranked as the best male US tennis player. He began playing tennis professionally when he was 18 and has achieved great success since then. In 2003, he ranked as the No. 1 American to finish a year. In 2004, he was recorded to have the world's fastest serve. He established his own foundation and became the model of Lacoste.

Rafael Nadal. Born June 3, 1986, this famous male Spanish player entered the world of professional tennis when he was just a teenager. He is also known as the King of Clay. He is the second youngest player to be included in the top 100 players of the world. He considers Roger Federer and Andy Roddick to be his greatest opponents.

Pete Sampras. Although he has been retired since 2003, this American tennis player still remains very popular. He was the youngest male player to have won the US Open singles by beating Andre Agassi. He has gained 11 Masters series titles and about 64 other titles. He is the only player to finish No. 1 for six consecutive years from 1993-1998.

Famous Female Tennis Players

Anna Kournikova. She was born in Moscow, Russia on June 7, 1981. She started playing tennis at a young age and was enrolled at Nick Bolletierri's tennis academy by her parents. At the age of 14, she was the youngest to have won the Fed Cup match. Although she ranked the top 20 players in the world in the singles division, she was more recognized in her doubles ranking. This Russian girl has captivated many fans and photographers with her good looks making her the most photograph tennis star and a bankable endorser.

Lindsay Davenport. Born on June 8, 1976 in Palos Verdes, California, USA, she started playing tennis at the age of 5. She won three Grand Slam tournaments at the end of the 90's She left the world of tennis to recuperate from a back injury. She came back in 2005 with a bang as she was ranked No. 1.

Maria Sharapova. She was on April 19, 1987 in Russia. She began playing tennis when she was only 4 years old. At 6, her talent in tennis was discovered and moved to the US to hone her skills under professional coaching. When she started playing professionally in 2002, she only ranked at 186th. But on the following year, her ranking greatly improved being at 32nd. In 2004, she became the second youngest to win the Grand Slam Wimbledon Championship.

Serena Williams. She is an American born on September 26, 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan, USA. She won her first ever tournament when she was four years old. She became a professional tennis player in 1995 at the age 14. At the end of the 90's, her career took off when she consistently ranked in the top 20 players in the world beating many star players like Lindsay Davenport and her sister Venus Williams.

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