Pay Attention To Your Feet: Choose The Right Tennis Shoes For You

Alice has bright and shiny ruby shoes. Cinderella fits well into her glass slippers. Puss is comfortable in his boots. And, Imelda Marcos owns more than a thousand pairs of footwear and still wants more even though she can only wear them one at a time.

You buy and wear shoes for different reasons. You probably buy shoes whenever there’s an occasion or maybe just to replace an old one that you have to retire. Maybe, you just want collect shoes. However, your personality also affects your choice for footwear. If you are the pragmatic type, buying any kind of footwear does not really matter as long as you have something to cover you feet. When you are like Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, you take any pair of shoes that you fancy off the rack, regardless whether it's expensive or killing the blood supply on your biggest toe, as long as it looks good on you. But when choosing tennis shoes, you have to consider some factors before parting with one from a store.

Generally, good tennis shoes should not be very hard on your feet. Although it should be hard enough to protect you, it should not be too hard because it will restrict you from comfortably doing lounges, sprints or jumps thus jeopardizing your game. Aside from that, it must be something light too. If it's heavy, you might miss many hits because you needed to drag your feet to get to wear the ball was. Furthermore, when buying tennis shoes, you should also bear in mind that it has to last. Determine how often you'll use them and how soon you can replace them in case they already wear out. Allot a budget for good quality durable shoes that can last before you can buy another one. Lastly, you should buy something that fits comfortably well on your feet. If you are not comfortable with them, you will find it hard to focus on your play.

Your tennis shoes must give your feet adequate support considering all the footwork you do in the court. It must also be able to support the sides of your feet. You must know that the surfaces of your feet have different needs, and your feet are unique like the creases and prints on your palm requiring something that is also uniquely suited for you.

Although you may be easily be swayed by the attractive style and color of the shoes, you must first consider whether those shoes are compatible to your foot type. How would you know your foot type? Basically, there are three basic foot types. First, if there is a large space where the arch of your foot didn't touch, your foot is suppinated. Next, if there are little curves on the imprint of your foot then you are overpronated. Finally, if you have an even imprint on both sides of your foot then your foot is ideal.

Once you know your foot type, it is vital to find a shoe that will fit you. When looking for one, allot about half an inch of space between the biggest toe and the rear of the shoe. Your heel should not slip while still allowing some movement. Most importantly, you should feel a comfortable fit without experiencing any stretching.

Ultimately, when you are buying tennis shoes, it has to fit these three things well: your need, budget, and most especially your feet. Remember that comfort is the most essential factor. At the end of the day, if your feet are happy, you will also be.

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