Play Tennis To Keep Your Health At Its Peak

If you are considering having a sport, choose tennis. There are many healthy benefits you can get from playing this sport.
You don't only get physically fit, you mind gets well too.

Here is a list of physiological reasons why you will be excited to play tennis.

1. It burns your fat and boosts your energy levels by increasing your metabolism and tapping your energy stores.

2. It gives your cardiovascular system a good work thus improving your circulation which leads to having better blood supply to the body.

3. It enhances your oxygen muscle consumption whenever you engage in intense activities.

4. It increases your ability to accelerate through sprinting, lounging and jumping.

5. It trains you to have a quick reaction time and allows you to anticipate movements.

6. It develops your speed whenever you do your sprints and side steps to hit the ball.

7. It strengthens your legs through the number of jumps and lounges you do in the court while chasing the ball.

8. It generally develops your body coordination when you move from one position to the next or whenever you need to adjust your whole body to hit the ball.

9. It also develops your gross motor control especially when you need to use your large muscles like your legs and arms to strike a ball.

10. It also improves your fine motor control when you do drop shots, lobs and angled-volleys.

11. It enhances your agility whenever you need to change your direction for a number times in a few seconds whether during tennis match or training.

12. It gives you a dynamic balance beginning with the stance, serve and countless of different other movements when hitting and chasing the ball.

13. It gives you variety and a whole new way to improve physically when you are an athlete who excels in another sport.

14. It strengthens your bone and improves your bone density allowing you to have a healthy skeleton far from bones diseases like osteoporosis.

15. Because you are exercised by playing tennis, you develop an overall wellness including having a strong immune system that gives you optimum resistance to diseases.

16. It also fosters having good nutritional habits because you develop the discipline of eating properly before a game to have enough energy and after a competition to properly supplement the energy that you have lost.

17. It also develops good eye-hand coordination when judging when to hit the ball.

18. It helps you to be flexible because of the never-ending stretching, twisting and turning to strike the ball toward the other court.

Meanwhile, here is a list of psychological reasons to play tennis.

18. It develops your sense of work ethic because you need to foster dedication and the value of hard work to learn the lessons in tennis.

19. You also develop discipline because you need to practice a lot and to control your movements, your timing etc.

20. You learn to manage mistakes not just in tennis but also in other aspects of your life by realizing that you need to manage and minimize your mistakes in the game to be successful.

21. You learn to be competitive and adjust to the highs and lows of winning or losing.

22. You become more responsible as you accept the fact that it is your responsibility to practice your skills, check your equipment, and eat right when preparing for a match.

23. You manage to adapt to various situations by learning to adjust to things beyond your control like the weather.

24. You can adjust to stress easily and effectively because you have already dealt with a lot of stress affecting various dimensions of your self.

25. You learn to be strategic as you plan your attack and anticipate the moves of your opponent.

26. You develop you skill in problem solving since tennis is a sport that uses geometry and physics.

27. You learn to be a sport as it teaches you to be courteous and fair with your opponents.

28. You learn how to be humble when you win and dignified when you lose.

29. You learn teamwork and camaraderie as you play in doubles.

30. You develop your social skills by interacting and constantly communicating either with your teammate or other players.

31. The most important lesson of all is you learn to have fun and enjoy.

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