Tennis Shoes Know-Hows That Are Guaranteed To Make You A Pro!

Without question, tennis is a very rigorous game, one that requires great amounts of strength, energy and willpower. From the rackets, to the balls that the players use, to the apparels, it is necessary to invest not only in style but also in comfort. The same is true for tennis shoes.

First, a brief history. By definition, tennis shoes are synonymous to running, sport, casual or gym shoes. Its modern names are sneakers, trainers or sandshoes. The very first sneakers were born in 1893. The materials that was used was canvas. It was made for boaters to eliminate the use of dress shoes on the deck.

Well, this is just going to be a simple list of what to shop for, how and which. We have to know the different materials that are being used to manufacture tennis shoes. For the upper materials, canvas is best used because of its breathability. Because of this, chemicals are less likely to enter the skin. Leather, on the other hand, is set to keep the players' feet dry on environments that are off court. The third material that can be used is vinyl. This tops in keeping the feet dry. But beware, what's set to keep the feet dry can make it 'wet' during seasons of hot weather (hello smelly feet!).

Upper materials for tennis shoes are made to last, except that the rigors of tennis eat up the soles fast. Yes, the soles are first to go so it is best to examine them closely before deciding to purchase any pair.

Another important factor to consider aside from the materials is the types of feet and the kinds of shoes that go well with them. There are 3 types of feet: pronated, supinated and neutral. Feet that are pronated have arches that are low. They walk or run with the heels first ending with the toe. These have greater tendencies to fall over so the shoes that fit them are the ones that resist falling over. Cushioning is not an issue with this feet type.

Feet that are supinated are high-arched. This type tends to wear out shoes around the edges. Cushion, not protection from falling over, should be the top priority in buying tennis shoes for this type,

Neutral feet evenly wear out shoes. It would be more difficult to choose tennis shoes for this feet type because one should find shoes that provide both fall protection and cushioning. The good news? Only 10% of the entire population have this type of feet. Two words to remember for all feet types when buying their first pair of tennis shoes: ankle support. Remember, remember!

Now it is time to know get down to the classifications of tennis shoes: Men's, women's and junior shoes. There are numerous manufacturers of tennis shoes in the market today. Now that you know what to buy for your feet type, go out there and scout among these popular brand names:

New Balance

These brands have been known to stand by their names as they all promise durability and comfort. There are a lot more of brands out there. When you do get out and shop, consider reviewing all the information discussed here, first. It could save you time, energy and money!

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