The Essential Equipment Needed In The Game Of Tennis

Tennis is one sport that has lasted for more than 100 years. In fact, the way it was played back then is still the same as it is now with some changes in the kind of ball and the racket used.

For instance, there are two types of tennis balls. The first is pressurized while the other one doesnít.

The pressurized version has a hollow core and is filled with air. This is the kind used in major tournaments and has to be disposed off afterwards because it will no longer bounce that well after less than a month in use.

The second type, which is not pressurized, has a solid core. It lasts longer which is good for those who practice in the courts regularly but has to be replaced due to wear and tear.

Tennis balls are classified into regular duty, extra duty and high altitude. This is because of the various surfaces this game is played namely, clay, grass, hard and indoor.

Someone who will play the game indoors should sue regular duty tennis balls. If the game is done in a clay or grass court, extra duty ones will be needed. If the tournament is in a place in the mountains, this is the time high altitude versions will be brought out.

The person can check out what type of ball is used by reading the label on the can. This will ensure that the right kind is used depending on the location.

Why does the tennis ball have lines and is usually color yellow? That is a good question and it is not for aesthetic purposes. This is designed to create friction, which allows it to bounce and fly in the air similar to how golf balls have dimples.

Tennis rackets were originally made of wood. This was quite heavy for the player. Years later, designers were able to produce lighter versions made either of metal or aluminum. It is also possible to have one made out of plastic but this will really depend on the individual.

The rackets of today also vary in length, weight and head size. This is ideal for players depending on age, gender and experience in the sport.

The best way to check which is the ideal racket is to test it. A few swings in the air can give the person the feel how this will do in the tennis court where hitting the ball and sending it to the other side will determine if this can do the job or not.

Both the tennis balls and the racket can be purchased at the local sporting goods store. Beginners donít have to buy the kind that costs $100 or more and can probably use one for half the price to get into the game.

Should the person love the game, this is the only time one should consider investing in an expensive one that will surely come in handy both in practice and during a tournament.

The individual should just check the cords regularly since this could be become loose after a few games. This can be brought to the sporting goods store to be tightened making it good as new.

Once this has been chosen, the only thing the player should be considered about is the shoes and the outfit. Being both fashionable and comfortable is the best way to have a good game.

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